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Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review


Trekking poles are a comparatively new discovery. Twenty years ago no one knew what trekking poles were, but now one can’t really imagine completing any adventure without them. It has become a necessity for trekkers, backpackers, walkers and hikers as trekking poles have a lot of advantages and leave people less tired after going up and down on steep paths.

If there are river crossings or slippery bog bridges then trekking poles are highly essential as they help to make the journey easy and smooth. It saves the energy of the backpackers by up to 40% by exerting minimum pressure on the knees; thus making the trip easy to complete. Also, it helps the trekkers to maintain their average speed. Another purpose that they can be used is as a substitute to heavy tent poles as trekking poles are much stronger than tent poles. Hence there are very fewer chances for breakage during heavy winds.

About Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Hiker Hunger has developed these compact carbon fiber poles with a strong base that are lightweight compared to other similar products available in the market. They can be easily adjusted with the help of a 3- section flip-lock by just flicking the lock open, adjusting it to your need and closing it after that. It can be reduced in size and can be stored in the backpacks when not in use.

There is a trekking basket available on these trekking poles, and they come with durable tungsten carbide tips. It includes the tip protectors too for the protection purposes. The trekking basket can be replaced with mud or snow basket by just twisting them. The trekking basket also gives stability to users on the soft terrain. These trekking poles are available with interchangeable tips thus allows the trekkers, walkers to switch between tungsten carbide tips, rubber tips, and rubber feet.


  • The trekking sticks are designed with 100% carbon fiber that makes it very light weight.
  • It is long lasting and durable for the material used is of the best quality.
  • The trekking poles have easy flip lock facility with which you can adjust the sticks according to your own needs.
  • It comes with extremely comfortable grip along with an extended EVA foam grip for quick choke-ups on steep terrain.


Material Used: These trekking poles are made up of carbon fiber and not aluminum making it different from other trekking poles on the market. The material used is pure carbon and not a mixture of carbon and aluminum thus providing it more durability. Carbon is considered to be lighter, stiffer and stronger as compared to aluminum that is slightly heavier and can make your experience more tiring during long treks. One of the downsides is that their poles seem to break easily under strenuous conditions.

Lightweight: The weight of each pole is just 7.6 ounces, making the total equal to 15.2 ounces per pair. It is below 1 pound; hence these poles are easy to be carried during treks without making the journey too tiring.

Adjustable: The Hiking Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are adjustable in height through the flip locks. Adjustable poles are considered better than those that are non-adjustable (one piece). These trekking poles by Hiker Hunger come with easy flip lock system with the help of which you can expand or contract the size of the poles according to your need from 24” to 54”. There will be times during the trek that you will not want to use trekking poles in such situations you can fold these trekking poles and store them in the bag which you will get on the purchase of these poles.

Comfortable Grip: The grip on trekking poles is of high importance, and it can’t be ignored. These trekking poles by Hiker Hunger are created with ergonomic cork grip that helps in absorbing the moisture and conforms to the shape of the hand of the user. It gives the feeling of the gloves with the best comfort level. The extended non-slip EVA foam grip is also helpful for quick choke-ups on steep terrain.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of constructive reviews and feedbacks that one can find about this product by its first-hand users. Over 100 customers have reviewed this product on the famous e-commerce website by giving it an average rating of 4.0 stars on 5 stars. The average rating shows that the customers have been enjoying their treks in a better way.

A lot of customers have shared first-hand experience with these trekking poles by Hiker Hunger by quoting their happiness for its light weight and sturdiness. Trekkers who are old of age with knee problems had a great time with these trekking poles as they reduced the direct pain on the joints and ligaments.

The design and specifications of the product have also made customers happy in the best possible way. The adjustability feature and easy flip lock system that helps one to expand or contract the poles from 24 inches to 54 inches is of high importance as well. The material used to make the product is 100% carbon that gives these trekking poles durability.

There are a lot of such reviews by people of different age groups from various parts of the world. In totality, almost all the buyers are happy with this pair of Hiker Hunger trekking poles. They have further recommended it to all the people who want to enhance their trekking experience to multitudes.

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Hiker Hunger is selling these amazing set of trekking poles. These are made up of the best material that make them durable and lightweight. They are adjustable and come with easy flip lock system. Due to its adjustability feature, these trekking poles can be stored easily without any hassle when not in use in the backpack. They are very sturdy and give support to people when the path is up and down. The extended grip and wrist strap make these trekking poles stand apart from other similar products. The product is specially designed for trekkers keeping in mind their needs and required comfort level.

Hiker Hunger is a renowned name in the field of trekking gear and hiking equipment, so you can count on the brand to provide you with only quality products.

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