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High Trek Trekking Poles Review


I love traveling, and most importantly I love trekking and walking through mountains while exploring the beauty of its nature. During so many treks of my life with people of all age groups, I have witnessed that walkers fall very often during steep mountain paths as they rely a little too much on the delicate tips of trekking poles instead of their own feet. During such time I have stopped and tried to brief people on how to actually use trekking poles.

My experience with trekking poles has been excellent, and I realized it from the very beginning that trekking poles and its usage are a bit of complicated phenomenon. If used correctly they can reduce the stress and increase the stability, but if one will not use it with correct techniques, and then he can be in severe problems.

About High Trek Trekking Poles

High Trek Trekking Poles are the kind of trekking poles on which you can rely while going on a long trek. These trekking poles can be adjusted through a secure lock system that is built to adjust the poles from 25 to 53 inches quickly. The hiking poles are lightweight, each pole weighing approximately 8.5 ounces, thus they are easy to carry during the journey. There is mud and snow baskets attached to these poles that prevent the poles from sinking into the softer material or muddy terrain.

These poles are easily collapsible as they can be retracted to 25 inches in size that makes the mobility of the trekkers easy. This feature in the design allows the user to store the trekking poles in their backpack when not in use. These trekking poles by High Trek are suitable for both men and women of all sizes and heights, and they can be used for gifting purpose as well to friends who are fond of trekking.


  • These trekking poles are durable and light in weight.
  • The height of these trekking poles is adjustable and come with secure lever lock.
  • The trekking poles have comfortable grips and have EVA handles with adjustable wrist straps.
  • It has tungsten tipped ends with removable rubber ferrules and mud/snow baskets.


Strong and Lightweight: These trekking poles are designed with aerospace grade 7075 aluminum that makes it more durable and user-friendly since aluminum is used to make it. Aluminum of this grade has qualities that aren’t there in conventional steel alloys that are used otherwise to build trekking poles. They are light in weight that makes it easy to carry them during the trek. The weight of each trekking poles is 8.5 ounces. Due to their lightweight and sturdy base material it softens the impact on the joints and knees of the trekkers, thus making the journey easy to complete.

Adjustable: These trekking poles come in a pair and are easily adjustable. They have an easy lever lock system with the height adjustment section too. They can be adjusted from 25 inches to 53 inches. Due to its perfect adjustment system, these trekking poles are ideal for people of all heights be it short or tall.

Comfortable Grip: High Trek Trekking Poles have a very comfortable grip. They have ergonomically designed EVA handles that provide the ultimate level of comfort to its users. There is also a section of easily adjustable wrist straps that ensures that you don’t drop your trekking poles due to slippage or sweat in your hands during trekking.

All Terrain: These trekking poles have tungsten tipped ends due to which they will work fine in all terrains. The rubber ferrules and the mud or snow baskets that are attached at the end of the sticks are removable and can be changed quickly.

You would have observed that few people carry one pole during trekking and others carry two. This ultimately depends on your individual choice. However, High Trek trekking poles come in a pair that gives you a choice where you can use just one trekking stick at a time or both of them together.

Customer Reviews

If one wants to buy the best trekking poles, then this product by High Trek trekkers is one of the best available on the market. There have been a lot of customers who have purchased this product and have left their reviews. On the basis of over 200 reviews, the average rating of the product is 4.6 stars out of 5 starts thus making it popular amongst the trekkers.

The customers have been very appreciative of the fact that the pair of trekking poles worked fine during long treks as well as on the uneven terrain. One of the customers told his story how the trekking poles worked even on the trek of 30 miles in the Saint Juan. The only problem that he came across was that one of the tips of the trekking pole fell off but other than that the poles worked fine for him. A review stated “worked great on a hike in the Rockies” which shows how the product is simply fantastic for Great Mountain trekking adventurous.

High Trek trekking poles are affordable regarding price and have all essential features that any set of trekking poles must have.

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There is a possibility that mountains at height scare you but you want to go for trekking or your knees have a lot of pain, but you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of trekking with your friends. In such situations, you can completely rely on this fantastic set of trekking poles by High Trek. They have all the features that are required to make a person comfortable during the trek. They are durable, light in weight, collapsible and have easy lock system with the help of which it can be retracted and stored in the bag.

Along with all these features, they are made up of aluminum which is very durable. All these details and specifications of these trekking poles make them stand apart from the rest of the trekking poles manufactured by various other brands and are in the same price bracket.

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