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My Favorite Hiking Poles

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles

The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are ideal for all trekkers, hikers, and even walkers. They are built with the best quality aluminum, i.e. aluminum 7075. Aluminum 7075 is stronger than carbon fiber, and this is what makes the set more durable and light in weight. It comprises of tungsten tips and EVA foam handles providing a comfortable grip to the trekkers and avoiding the sweat.they can easily be adjusted and can be retracted and stretched to maximum length as per the requirement. By reducing it to its minimum size, they can be stored easily in a backpack. I really like the Montem trekking poles and they are my go to pair when I go hiking.

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High Trek Trekking Poles

High Trek Trekking Poles are the kind of trekking poles on which you can rely while going on a long trek. These trekking poles can be adjusted through a secure lock system that is built to adjust the poles from 25 to 53 inches quickly. The hiking poles are lightweight, each pole weighing approximately 8.5 ounces, thus they are easy to carry during the journey. There is mud and snow baskets attached to these poles that prevent the poles from sinking into the softer material or muddy terrain.

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Life in Motion Trekking Poles

The pair of Life in Motion Trekking Poles is manufactured with the lightweight and durable aluminum 7075 shafts. These are perfect for all types of treks and hikes from strenuous Nordic walking to backpacking or hiking through rugged trails. Each pole can be collapsed from 52 inches to 27 inches making it very compact in size. It comes with extra accessories: snow baskets, mud baskets and rubber tip protectors. It has easy to use flip lock design that allows for quick height adjustments. These lock systems are very reliable, and one can rely on them during longer and rough trails.

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Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Hiker Hunger has developed these compact carbon fiber poles with a strong base that are lightweight compared to other similar products available in the market. They can be easily adjusted with the help of a 3- section flip-lock by just flicking the lock open, adjusting it to your need and closing it after that. It can be reduced in size and can be stored in the backpacks when not in use.

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Crown Sporting Goods Shock Resistant Trekking Poles

Over the period of time, hiking poles have become an indispensable tool for the casual walkers and serious hikers, backpackers and trekkers alike. These trekking poles are fully adjustable. One can shorten the poles by using the simple twist lock to make your uphill climbs whereas you can just add some length for your aid while walking downhill. The Crown Sporting Goods Shock Resistant Trekking Poles come with shock absorbing internal spring that eases the damaged ankles, knees, and hips. An individual pole weighs approximately 12 ounces, making it one of the heavier poles I have tried.

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Trekking Poles History

Going on an adventure, either trekking mountains or pushing yourself to challenging trails brings total enjoyment and self-fulfillment at the same time. But before you do that, you should consider that undertaking such things are extremely hazardous. In connection to that, trekking poles will come into play. Aside from the stability they give, there are also various other advantages that you can acquire out from them. In this article, we will discuss the best trekking poles in detail.

A trekking pole is extremely helpful when you do hiking or mountaineering. Listed below are some of the great reasons why you need to have these poles on your hiking adventure.

  1. It has different purposes. A trekking pole is not just limited to trekking activities as it could also be used as tent poles. Through this, you could set up your tents with out bringing any tent poles that usually weigh up to two pounds. Keep in mind that a trekking pole is more durable when compared to tent poles. In short, they can take on any force that nature brings. Some other functions of a trekking pole include a medical splint or perhaps as a paddle.
  2. As mentioned above, trekking poles give stability as you make your way all over the hiking trail. Also, this provides you stability as you maneuver against the river’s current to arrive at the other side, go across slippery bridges, or simply climb the mountain safely all the way to the top.
  3. One more thing that a trekking pole gives is lightening the load in your backpack. Since you’ll be using these poles as your support, the weight in your back will feel a bit lighter whenever you are leaning on the poles.
  4. They can give you more information about what’s ahead of you. Say for example you desire to know if there are any possible danger in your ways, such as puddles and quicksand; you can make use of these trekking poles as your probe. Through this, you can avoid eminent hazards such as falling into a hole quicksand or simply lose your balance from tripping onto a log.
  5. These poles will also aid you to avoid experiencing possible sprains and aches in the leg. Since these poles minimize the impact on your knees, feet, legs, and ankles, you can have minimal chances of feeling weary in your trekking adventures. This is according to the research performed by The Journal of Sports Medicine regarding the use of these trekking poles.

What sort of trekking pole must you use?

There are only two things you need to keep in mind when you buy a trekking pole: the level of activity where you’re going to utilize the pole and the right specifications. Poles are manufactured from aluminum or carbon fiber, and picking out which one to choose will differ on your requirements. Should you try to compare these two types, carbon fiber is usually lighter and stronger, while Aluminum is a little bit weightier but does not get broken easily.

It all boils down to the activity you are planning to do. Certainly, trekking poles are extremely ideal when you go trekking adventure.

If you are an avid hiker, an elderly person, or you are worried about falling on the trail, you could benefit from using the right trekking poles. Trekking poles, otherwise known as walking sticks can save your knees, hips, and back from serious strain and possible injury on the trail.

What is also great about these poles is that they allow some people, who wouldn’t be physically able to hike otherwise, to go hiking for long distances just like anyone else. However, there are things to consider before you just go out and buy any pole.

You do need to consider some fundamental issues that will lead you into selecting the appropriate trekking poles. This include:

  • How to adjust the length of the poles
  • The size of the grip

You don’t want to exceed a length that is greater than your hips. As for the trekking poles’ grip, you would be well advised to find one that is comfortable to the hands. If the grip size is too big or small, your hands are likely to become sore after a couple of hours of hiking.

Different Poles Have Different Advantages

You will find that different trekking poles serve different requirements. If you are hiking on the rougher terrain, you probably want to choose a pole with a fixed length. This gives you added flexibility that will not cause unwanted vibrations though the pole. However, most of these fixed length poles are made out of carbon fiber, which is quite brittle and therefore can break easily.

If you hike more even terrain, you will find that adjustable trekking poles will most suit your needs. Adjustable poles give you ideal balance and protect your knees. They also can be used by different people of different sizes and heights. Best of all they can also prop your tent at night.

The classic trekking poles, or walking sticks, are those that are made from wood and are available as long and short poles. They tend to add a touch of style as well because they usually have many intricate designs carved into them. The disadvantage with these is that they are not adjustable and are often heavier than their aluminum counterparts.

If you like to take pictures while you are out on the trail another great feature of trekking poles is that they can double as a camera monopod. If you are going to use one from time to time for this purpose you probably want to buy an adjustable pole.

Hiking is certainly great exercise as well as a wonderful way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. But safety should always be your main concern. If you are worried about falling or putting too much strain on your knees, back, and hips a trekking pole could come as a great service to you. Simply use the suggestions above to figure out which type of pole is right for you.

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