Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Review


There are people during treks that do not walk a single mile without trekking poles and then there are people in their eighties that complete hardest treks without hiking poles and with knee problems. A part of this phenomenon is genetics, and another part is being intelligent about hiking. Trekking poles do help individuals who have walking and knee problems. Wouldn’t it be better to use trekking poles before a problem starts occurring in the first place? Therefore, it is advisable to use trekking poles while going for a trek.

For people like me whose priority has always been trekking during any vacation or holiday, trekking poles are a must. They help to reduce the stress on my knees through uneven terrain and rough ground. They help me to keep up with my balance, stability, and average speed during all the surfaces be it a muddy field or while crossing the river. It is extremely important for one to know how to use trekking poles before carrying them to longer treks as to maximize the benefits from them. Therefore, it is advisable to learn about trekking poles and their use beforehand as to how to use trekking poles during uphill trails and downhill trails.

About Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles

The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are ideal for all trekkers, hikers, and even walkers. They are built with the best quality aluminum, i.e. aluminum 7075. Aluminum 7075 is stronger than carbon fiber, and this is what makes the set more durable and light in weight. It comprises of tungsten tips and EVA foam handles providing a comfortable grip to the trekkers and avoiding the sweat.they can easily be adjusted and can be retracted and stretched to maximum length as per the requirement. By reducing it to its minimum size, they can be stored easily in a backpack. I really like the Montem trekking poles and they are my go to pair when I got hiking. Let’s learn a little more about them below!


  • Montem is giving the easy expandability option during the trek. Adjustable bolts allow adventurers of any height to quickly lengthen the poles from 24″ to 53″ in order to achieve the perfect height for your needs.
  • They are made up of 7075 aluminum material that increases its durability.
  • You can easily strap up these trekking poles as they come with nylon straps providing you more comfortability.
  • You can reduce the size of the trekking poles by storing them in your backpacks when not in use.
  • Affordable price for all walkers and hikers. No need to spend money on expensive “brand name” poles when you can buy Montem poles. They are the next up and coming outdoor gear company.


Hassle Free Grip: These Montem trekking poles are made up of superior quality material this providing the best grip to the trekkers. They can be expanded and contracted according to the size and height of the user. They can be adjusted from 24” to 53” very easily. Due to this specialty, it can be stored easily in the backpack without any hassle. It has secure lock system due to which it can be resized even during the long treks.

Easy to Carry: During long treks, it is advisable to bring things that are strong in the base and at the same time light in weight so that it can be stored easily in the backpack when not in use. Montem hiking poles are believed to be the best trekking pole for any trek that you will want to take during your hiking trips. They can be retracted to 24” with a weight of just 9.6 ounces per pole. They are very lightweight which makes them user-friendly. They are a great traveling partner as they are both sturdy and durable.

Quality Material: Montem trekking poles are made up of the material that is used for crafting airplanes i.e. 7075 aluminum. Aluminum trekking poles are much more durable than the one’s which are made up of carbon fiber. They are very strong in nature and at the same time lightweight. The material used to build these trekking poles is of high quality that will ensure that they won’t break even on the most uneven terrain. They come with a warranty of one year under which if you face any problem of breakage then the poles will be replaced without any extra charges.

Nylon Straps: Montem trekking poles have nylon straps on the top of it that increases the comfort level of the user. They help the trekker to maintain a firm grip without letting the poles slip from the hands to avoid any mishappening during the trek. The nylon strap ensures that the trekker should remain safe no matter on what kind of terrain or in which weather the trek is being done.

Customer Reviews

Montem trekking poles are frequently bought by customers from different regions of the world irrespective of their age. Over 120 customers have given their reviews providing the product an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars. Since it is bought by many customers and with the positive reviews from their end, the brand has made its own market in the niche of trekking poles.

Some numerable customers have shown their interest in buying another set of these trekking poles as their experience with the first set has been incredibly pleasant. From passionate trekkers to occasional one’s the product has gained its popularity worldwide. There is a customer who used these trekking poles on the trek that belonged to his friend and he loved them so much that he purchased his own set of Montem trekking poles as soon as he came back.

There were hardly any complaints by the reviewers in the customer review section and all the users of this particular trekking pole set seem to be satisfied with the product, its durability, and other aspects.

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This set of trekking poles is wonderful for various outside adventurous like hiking, trekking, mountaineering, walking backpacking and climbing. These trekking poles will help you maintain the stability and average speed of the trekker by providing the balance on uneven terrain. The product comes with a one year warranty and the company claiming that the product is easily replaceable if any manufacturing defects will occur without any extra charges. Taking in consideration, customer reviews and the specification of this set of trekking poles, I would recommend all trekkers to buy them to enhance their trekking experience while keeping the comfort level commendable. Put your trust on Montem for once and I guarantee you that you’ll be not looking at anything else for a long time to come.

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Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Trekking Poles Review


I am a big fan of trekking poles during hiking as they help to reduce the strain on my knees while I walk downhill. They improve my balance when I am hiking over rough ground or when I cross the streams or lakes. They help to establish a good walking rhythm when synchronized with the arms of the hikers/trekkers. Along with all these benefits, one has to take note that trekking poles need to be used with a lot of care and in a certain way for getting maximum benefits. Otherwise, they can end up causing more harm than good.

Backpackers, trekkers and day hikers or people who enjoy outside adventures can feel all the benefits of trekking poles first hand. They can be used by people of all age and size as kids can leap and hop with them, adults can improve their performances, and senior citizens who are recovering from any kind of hip or foot surgery can enjoy trekking with less of pressure. Hiking with the poles is a skill, if mastered can keep you moving, grooving,g and enjoying the outdoor adventurous.

About Crown Sporting Goods Trekking Poles

Over the period of time, hiking poles have become an indispensable tool for the casual walkers and serious hikers, backpackers and trekkers alike. These trekking poles are fully adjustable. One can shorten the poles by using the simple twist lock to make your uphill climbs whereas you can just add some length for your aid while walking downhill. The Crown Sporting Goods Shock Resistant Trekking Poles come with shock absorbing internal spring that eases the damaged ankles, knees, and hips. An individual pole weighs approximately 12 ounces, making it one of the heavier poles I have tried.

Each pole has a plastic grip with a secondary soft foam grip along with the sturdy and adjustable wrist strap. For rough and craggy terrain, carbonite tip is ideal. The vulcanized rubber foot is ideal for hard surface and asphalt. An optional snow tip can be screwed on tip of the stick to prevent it to sink too deeply into soft surfaces.


  • These trekking poles are lightweight, durable aluminum trekking poles that can be extended.
  • They have locks that work with a simple twist facility.
  • It comes with carbonite tip, vulcanized rubber foot or screw on snow tip depending on different terrain.
  • It has internal shock spring as well at the bottom of each stick that helps to reduce stress.


Lightweight and Durable: These trekking poles are made up of aluminum that makes them durable and lightweight. Aluminum trekking poles are not vulnerable to breakage when winds are there, and the weather gets stormy. They can be used as the replacement of tent poles as well that will save one from carrying two different poles. Due to lightweight, they are easy to carry during long treks without making the person feel tiring. A pair of this trekking pole weighs approximately 24 ounces.

Twist Lock: It is crucial to carry trekking poles which can be adjusted easily even during the trek. The trekking poles come with easy twist lock facility. Each section locks in with a simple twist and is marked with measurements for precise height settings. The poles can be extended to 53” and with the help of telescoping twist lock system, it can be retracted to 23” because of which it can be easily stored when not in use.

Interchangeable Tips: These trekking poles come with three options for maximum control on different terrains. It has three interchangeable tips that come as extra accessories with the set. Carbonite tips can be used on rocky terrain and uneven terrain, vulcanized rubber foot for hard flat surfaces and screw on snow tip can be used to keep the pole from sinking into soft ground.

Internal Anti-Shock Spring: These trekking poles by Crown Sports Goods have internal anti-shock spring contained in the bottom section. It helps to reduce the stress of up to 25% from lower body joints and muscles. It has an ergonomic grip, a secondary soft foam grip along with sturdy and adjustable wrist straps.

Customer Reviews

The product is reviewed by over 50 customers giving it an average rating of 3.6 stars out of 5 stars. One of the customers of 66 years of age has appreciated the product and said that it is good for walking. The trekking poles worked fine for his height as he stretched it to its full length. Another lady who is an excited trekker has called the product fantastic as these trekking poles helped her to complete her long trek successfully. The product is liked equally by people of all ages and gender.

The shock resistant technique has been praised by people, and they are happy with the product as it is affordable and has a comfortable grip with an extended soft foam grip and which work great during long journeys without causing any slippage from hands.

Various customer reviews can help you to know the product better as people have shared their first-hand experience with these trekking poles during their short or long treks that they undertook with these trekking sticks by Crown Sports Goods.

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In conclusion, this product is perfect for people who go for occasional treks and have the knowledge on how to use trekking poles. They are lightweight and durable and have adjustable wrist straps. It can be used in different terrain as they come with three different tips. The tips can be changed depending on the region one is taking the trek. They can be expanded and retracted according to the size and height of the trekker. It has adjustable twist locks with the help of which it can be adjusted quickly.

The flexible locking system helps the person to store the trekking pole in the backpack when not required thus making them easy to carry. All these features along with positive feedback from customers show that the Crown Sporting Goods Shock Resistant Trekking Poles is a must buy for all trekkers, hikers, and mountaineers to have an enjoyable experience. That pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this product. More detailed information is available on

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High Trek Trekking Poles Review


I love traveling, and most importantly I love trekking and walking through mountains while exploring the beauty of its nature. During so many treks of my life with people of all age groups, I have witnessed that walkers fall very often during steep mountain paths as they rely a little too much on the delicate tips of trekking poles instead of their own feet. During such time I have stopped and tried to brief people on how to actually use trekking poles.

My experience with trekking poles has been excellent, and I realized it from the very beginning that trekking poles and its usage are a bit of complicated phenomenon. If used correctly they can reduce the stress and increase the stability, but if one will not use it with correct techniques, and then he can be in severe problems.

About High Trek Trekking Poles

High Trek Trekking Poles are the kind of trekking poles on which you can rely while going on a long trek. These trekking poles can be adjusted through a secure lock system that is built to adjust the poles from 25 to 53 inches quickly. The hiking poles are lightweight, each pole weighing approximately 8.5 ounces, thus they are easy to carry during the journey. There is mud and snow baskets attached to these poles that prevent the poles from sinking into the softer material or muddy terrain.

These poles are easily collapsible as they can be retracted to 25 inches in size that makes the mobility of the trekkers easy. This feature in the design allows the user to store the trekking poles in their backpack when not in use. These trekking poles by High Trek are suitable for both men and women of all sizes and heights, and they can be used for gifting purpose as well to friends who are fond of trekking.


  • These trekking poles are durable and light in weight.
  • The height of these trekking poles is adjustable and come with secure lever lock.
  • The trekking poles have comfortable grips and have EVA handles with adjustable wrist straps.
  • It has tungsten tipped ends with removable rubber ferrules and mud/snow baskets.


Strong and Lightweight: These trekking poles are designed with aerospace grade 7075 aluminum that makes it more durable and user-friendly since aluminum is used to make it. Aluminum of this grade has qualities that aren’t there in conventional steel alloys that are used otherwise to build trekking poles. They are light in weight that makes it easy to carry them during the trek. The weight of each trekking poles is 8.5 ounces. Due to their lightweight and sturdy base material it softens the impact on the joints and knees of the trekkers, thus making the journey easy to complete.

Adjustable: These trekking poles come in a pair and are easily adjustable. They have an easy lever lock system with the height adjustment section too. They can be adjusted from 25 inches to 53 inches. Due to its perfect adjustment system, these trekking poles are ideal for people of all heights be it short or tall.

Comfortable Grip: High Trek Trekking Poles have a very comfortable grip. They have ergonomically designed EVA handles that provide the ultimate level of comfort to its users. There is also a section of easily adjustable wrist straps that ensures that you don’t drop your trekking poles due to slippage or sweat in your hands during trekking.

All Terrain: These trekking poles have tungsten tipped ends due to which they will work fine in all terrains. The rubber ferrules and the mud or snow baskets that are attached at the end of the sticks are removable and can be changed quickly.

You would have observed that few people carry one pole during trekking and others carry two. This ultimately depends on your individual choice. However, High Trek trekking poles come in a pair that gives you a choice where you can use just one trekking stick at a time or both of them together.

Customer Reviews

If one wants to buy the best trekking poles, then this product by High Trek trekkers is one of the best available on the market. There have been a lot of customers who have purchased this product and have left their reviews. On the basis of over 200 reviews, the average rating of the product is 4.6 stars out of 5 starts thus making it popular amongst the trekkers.

The customers have been very appreciative of the fact that the pair of trekking poles worked fine during long treks as well as on the uneven terrain. One of the customers told his story how the trekking poles worked even on the trek of 30 miles in the Saint Juan. The only problem that he came across was that one of the tips of the trekking pole fell off but other than that the poles worked fine for him. A review stated “worked great on a hike in the Rockies” which shows how the product is simply fantastic for Great Mountain trekking adventurous.

High Trek trekking poles are affordable regarding price and have all essential features that any set of trekking poles must have.

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There is a possibility that mountains at height scare you but you want to go for trekking or your knees have a lot of pain, but you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of trekking with your friends. In such situations, you can completely rely on this fantastic set of trekking poles by High Trek. They have all the features that are required to make a person comfortable during the trek. They are durable, light in weight, collapsible and have easy lock system with the help of which it can be retracted and stored in the bag.

Along with all these features, they are made up of aluminum which is very durable. All these details and specifications of these trekking poles make them stand apart from the rest of the trekking poles manufactured by various other brands and are in the same price bracket.

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Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review


Trekking poles are a comparatively new discovery. Twenty years ago no one knew what trekking poles were, but now one can’t really imagine completing any adventure without them. It has become a necessity for trekkers, backpackers, walkers and hikers as trekking poles have a lot of advantages and leave people less tired after going up and down on steep paths.

If there are river crossings or slippery bog bridges then trekking poles are highly essential as they help to make the journey easy and smooth. It saves the energy of the backpackers by up to 40% by exerting minimum pressure on the knees; thus making the trip easy to complete. Also, it helps the trekkers to maintain their average speed. Another purpose that they can be used is as a substitute to heavy tent poles as trekking poles are much stronger than tent poles. Hence there are very fewer chances for breakage during heavy winds.

About Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Hiker Hunger has developed these compact carbon fiber poles with a strong base that are lightweight compared to other similar products available in the market. They can be easily adjusted with the help of a 3- section flip-lock by just flicking the lock open, adjusting it to your need and closing it after that. It can be reduced in size and can be stored in the backpacks when not in use.

There is a trekking basket available on these trekking poles, and they come with durable tungsten carbide tips. It includes the tip protectors too for the protection purposes. The trekking basket can be replaced with mud or snow basket by just twisting them. The trekking basket also gives stability to users on the soft terrain. These trekking poles are available with interchangeable tips thus allows the trekkers, walkers to switch between tungsten carbide tips, rubber tips, and rubber feet.


  • The trekking sticks are designed with 100% carbon fiber that makes it very light weight.
  • It is long lasting and durable for the material used is of the best quality.
  • The trekking poles have easy flip lock facility with which you can adjust the sticks according to your own needs.
  • It comes with extremely comfortable grip along with an extended EVA foam grip for quick choke-ups on steep terrain.


Material Used: These trekking poles are made up of carbon fiber and not aluminum making it different from other trekking poles on the market. The material used is pure carbon and not a mixture of carbon and aluminum thus providing it more durability. Carbon is considered to be lighter, stiffer and stronger as compared to aluminum that is slightly heavier and can make your experience more tiring during long treks. One of the downsides is that their poles seem to break easily under strenuous conditions.

Lightweight: The weight of each pole is just 7.6 ounces, making the total equal to 15.2 ounces per pair. It is below 1 pound; hence these poles are easy to be carried during treks without making the journey too tiring.

Adjustable: The Hiking Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are adjustable in height through the flip locks. Adjustable poles are considered better than those that are non-adjustable (one piece). These trekking poles by Hiker Hunger come with easy flip lock system with the help of which you can expand or contract the size of the poles according to your need from 24” to 54”. There will be times during the trek that you will not want to use trekking poles in such situations you can fold these trekking poles and store them in the bag which you will get on the purchase of these poles.

Comfortable Grip: The grip on trekking poles is of high importance, and it can’t be ignored. These trekking poles by Hiker Hunger are created with ergonomic cork grip that helps in absorbing the moisture and conforms to the shape of the hand of the user. It gives the feeling of the gloves with the best comfort level. The extended non-slip EVA foam grip is also helpful for quick choke-ups on steep terrain.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of constructive reviews and feedbacks that one can find about this product by its first-hand users. Over 100 customers have reviewed this product on the famous e-commerce website by giving it an average rating of 4.0 stars on 5 stars. The average rating shows that the customers have been enjoying their treks in a better way.

A lot of customers have shared first-hand experience with these trekking poles by Hiker Hunger by quoting their happiness for its light weight and sturdiness. Trekkers who are old of age with knee problems had a great time with these trekking poles as they reduced the direct pain on the joints and ligaments.

The design and specifications of the product have also made customers happy in the best possible way. The adjustability feature and easy flip lock system that helps one to expand or contract the poles from 24 inches to 54 inches is of high importance as well. The material used to make the product is 100% carbon that gives these trekking poles durability.

There are a lot of such reviews by people of different age groups from various parts of the world. In totality, almost all the buyers are happy with this pair of Hiker Hunger trekking poles. They have further recommended it to all the people who want to enhance their trekking experience to multitudes.

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Hiker Hunger is selling these amazing set of trekking poles. These are made up of the best material that make them durable and lightweight. They are adjustable and come with easy flip lock system. Due to its adjustability feature, these trekking poles can be stored easily without any hassle when not in use in the backpack. They are very sturdy and give support to people when the path is up and down. The extended grip and wrist strap make these trekking poles stand apart from other similar products. The product is specially designed for trekkers keeping in mind their needs and required comfort level.

Hiker Hunger is a renowned name in the field of trekking gear and hiking equipment, so you can count on the brand to provide you with only quality products.

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Life In Motion Collapsible Trekking Poles Review


You can find many excuses for not using trekking poles such as “I am too young to need them,” “I can balance my weight without them,” “I am too non-techy to accept them,” “I am too old to learn how to use them,” “I can keep myself stable throughout long treks without them” or “I will not fall without them.” Whatever excuse that you are going to use, I would suggest that you should consider using hiking poles as they will help your swollen knees, get your arms in shape and will ensure your own safety.

Years ago, my knees started aching after a tiring trek trip with my friends, and continued while hiking downhill. I tried to pick up sticks with a lot of embarrassment along the trail but later discovered that in Europe almost all hikers, young and small use trekking poles while trekking. I looked for these trekking poles all around and found myself a perfect set of trekking poles by Life in Motion which were specially designed for hiking, trekking, and walking. I suggest you try this set of trekking poles and observe how much difference it will make. After all, picking the right poles isn’t as hard as it seems.

About Life in Motion Trekking Poles

The pair of Life in Motion trekking poles is manufactured with the lightweight and durable aluminum 7075 shafts. These are perfect for all types of treks and hikes from strenuous Nordic walking to backpacking or hiking through rugged trails. Each pole can be collapsed from 52 inches to 27 inches making it very compact in size. It comes with extra accessories: snow baskets, mud baskets and rubber tip protectors. It has easy to use flip lock design that allows for quick height adjustments. These lock systems are very reliable, and one can rely on them during longer and rough trails.

The grips are made up of soft EVA that is much softer than standard plastic grips. This material also absorbs the sweat from your palms reducing the probabilities of forming blisters on your hand. A strap is attached that is 1.4 inches wide and allows it to support your wrist without biting into it. It also has foam padding on the back providing a more comfortable feel with less chafing which is crucial during long treks. The tips are made up of tungsten steel. Over a period of time, alike others the tips will wear out given that they are enough to use, and that is why these tips are easily replaceable.


  • The poles are lightweight, each pair weighing so little that they can be carried in a backpack.
  • The poles extend from 27 to 52 inches.
  • They are designed with aluminum 7075 shaft which makes it durable.
  • Comes with soft and comfortable EVA grip.
  • Have padded and extra wide nylon strap for comfort.
  • Can be adjusted with strong flip lock style locks.
  • They have easily replaceable tungsten steel tips.


Lightweight: Each Life in Motion Trekking Pole weighs only 9.25 ounces which make the total weight of the pair just over one pound. Within this range, these are the lightest aluminum poles available in the market.

Durable: These poles are made up of best quality aluminum hence they are very strong as compared to carbon fiber poles that might break during stormy weather. Aluminum 7075 is usable which has a lot more strength than general purpose aluminum 6061.

Strong Flip Lock System: Once you adjust the height of the poles, these flip locks will not slip. They are quick and easy to change by hand without the requirement of any tools. The twist locks can be difficult in general as compared to the flip locks that are used in these poles.

Comfortable Foam Grip: Many trekking poles have cheap plastic or rubber grips that don’t absorb the sweat thus causing the blisters. Cork grips absorb more sweat as compared to the rubber ones, but foam grips are the best and most comfortable.

Replaceable Tips: Over time all tips wear down and get spoiled. This problem will not affect you any longer as this set of trekking poles has replaceable tips which all poles do not have. This specification will extend the life of your trekking poles.

Extra Accessories: Along with the pair of trekking poles, Life in Motion trekking poles come with one pair of mud baskets, one pair of snow baskets and a pair of extra rubber tip protectors.

Customer Reviews

Over 90 people have reviewed this product giving it an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars on People have shared their experience with these trekking poles and have appreciated these trekking poles for their style and design. One of the customers took it to the backpacking trip and liked them a lot as they were easy to carry for they are light in weight. The locking system of these poles is worth praising for the locks do not come unlocked once they are done properly.

They are a great option for gifting as one of the customers gifted it to his 70-year-old parents and they worked perfectly during their trek on Galapagos Island, and the old couple enjoyed a lot during their journey with a lot less strain on their knees, joints and ligaments.

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This set of trekking poles by Life in Motion is ideal for hikers, trekkers, and walkers. They are one of the best available in the market at the given price range. From design to comfortable grip and durable material to replaceable tip, the product is great in all its aspects. They are light in weight and come with adjustable lock system with which it can easily be retracted and expanded depending on the height of the trekker.

They can be retracted and stored in a backpack when not in use thus making it user-friendly. I would recommend this product to all those people who are passionate about trekking and other such activities irrespective of their age. Not every brand is equal and not all trekking poles are of good quality; so you must take time to pick the right brand even if it means paying a bit extra for their items. Same goes for trekking poles as this piece of equipment is necessary for your safety in the mountains.

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